K2 is known as the “Mountains of Mountains” and “Mountaineer Mountain” and these mountains are considered to be one of the world’s best treks with spectacular and breathtaking scenery which you can never find when visiting any other high mountain areas.

Whether you’re traveling within Pakistan or you’re a foreigner, you’ve to start your journey from Islamabad. The tour begins from a direct flight to Skardu, which is famous for the mountains, greenery, atmosphere, rivers and the beautiful people which attract most of the visitors when on the way to K2. Taking two days’ rest would be great to explore the Karakoram Ranges, including Nanga Parbat, and then you can continue your journey towards the trekking or rather K2 peaks.

Now, as you’ve taken two days rest and you’re relaxed and set to go, you’ve to pick a Jeep ride which will take you to the Askole Valley — ever heard of this valley? If No, then here’s a little detail about it.