Marangu route is arguably the most common Kilimanjaro ascent. This is a relatively easy 5 – 6 days trip Kilimanjaro climb. Marangu Route is also the oldest Route and most popular, at one time the route was drawing over 80% of trekkers on Kilimanjaro, and it also came to be known as Coca – Cola route’s where the final summit bid is undertaken via the Normal/Marangu Route.

On Marangu route, you descend this route by retracting your steps. This is the only route on Mt. Kilimanjaro that all overnight stops are in purpose built huts. Since this is the shortest and cheapest route on the mountain, it is frequently very busy leading to the facilities along the trail sometimes becoming stretched. It is always recommended that you pay and book in advance to secure yourself a room if you plan to use this route.

Marangu route approaches the Mountain from the south, passing to the south of Mawenzi before it crosses to the desolate Saddle of heading to Kibo Hut. The Summit ascent on this route is then conducted via the Normal Marangu Route on an arduous scree slope that culminates in the arrival at Gilman Point on the crater rim. This route can done in 5 days and as a result it has a surprisingly low success rate for getting trekkers to the top compared to the other routes. To improve your chances of reaching Uhuru Peak, it is advisable try to factor in an extra day for acclimatization purposes. This extra day for acclimatization is spent at Horombo Hut from where you can enjoy a number of fascinating side trips to explore various features of the Mountain.

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